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Solidar Telangana School for The Hearing Impaired

1. Introduction:

The highest and most economically disadvantaged in the Telugu states is the mountainous region of Nalgonda and Mahabubnagar, which is home to many migrants. Amongst these, some areas are unacceptable to agriculture, who cannot even afford basic facilities as they are economically backward and due to lack of educational facilities these remained as areas of illiterate. In the year 2009 "Solidarandhra Trust" was established in this area to overcome the problems atleast to some extent on their own, meanwhile as a part of this process a Deaf school was established at Konda Mallepally( town).The reason to establish this deaf school in the town was there are a large number of deaf people in the surrounding areas and within 100km of the town there was no deaf school. The deaf school was established in Konda Mallepally as this Mandal is the Head quarter of that region and town is located on the highway which becomes easier for the deaf people around the nearby villages to visit the school.

2. Establishment of Solidar Telangana school for The Hearing Impaired:

Bhavani deaf school in Konda Mallepally was run with the help of the Government set but in the academic year 2009-10 (August) an information was passed that the funds sent by government will be stopped, which made them disorientated. This situation was immediately taken into notice by Solidarandhra Trust and considering the future of these children trust assured that they would be running the school as usual. Since then the school was run successfully with the help of the trust meanwhile in the year 2015-16 all other funds were withheld. So, to make the school more beneficial to students "Solidar Telangana school for The Hearing Impaired" was established on their own. This building has spacious classrooms, a playground, cc cameras, hostels separately for boys and girls with purified filter water.

3. Developments and Program Implementation:

After establishment of the school well trained faculty were selected. For the batch 2015-16, about 70 students joined annually. Every teacher, educated the students using sign language by special teaching aids through lip reading. All facilities like Study materials, stationary, including meals were provided by the Trust. So that they wouldn't be any deficit to the students. Job opportunities for hearing impaired people are given less privilege. Keeping this in mind that these people should become independent on their own, Director of Solidarandhra Trust provided sewing machine and computer classes by providing separate teaching staff with extra classes for the high school students.

4. Achievements:

• Till date (2009-2019) around 20 students completed their 10th and left for their higher education. • After establishment of Hearing Impaired school around 150 students got educated and are working right now while some due to personal reasons are staying at home. • This year (2019-2020) 72 students are currently getting educated in the school. • A student from 2016-17 batch Palipi Nagalakshmi (Hyderabad) completed her 10th and is currently working as a tailor also pursing her higher studies despite of being a burden to her parents.



For the fast one and half decades India facing a major problem of “DROUGHT” many states of India. Because lack of seasonal rains, lrrigation water and decreasing of ground water table. In this situation mainly agriculture sector effected. This is full time depended occupation for 90% of rural people and entered in to crises. So that the formers began to getting loss of agriculture input and output. The dues of agriculture loner’s bankers and co-operative societies for dues pay back, then they wait some time and give legal notices after due dates with roper time to pay back, after that they call for auction of formers houses or land (Properties) because of that many of formers feel shame in the society. In these conditions some are vacate village and migrate to get labour works in another sectors in town areas and some are chose suicide attempt entire family members or wife and husband by taking poison, hanging Ect; in these cases the government is also hopeless to help all the families. Some children are setting with their relatives and labors, street children etc; as per the central government analyses the Telangana State (Joint Andhra Pradesh) is second in drought affected areas and death cases of formers families are first in the country.


The programmed base is at Konda Mallepally village and mandal of Nalgonda district, because it is convenience place to surrounding people, all the facilities available, also to contact us, visit schools and see their children is very easy we run the programme from our office only. It is very sensitive and challenged programme. It will be model and demonstration for other NGOs.


 We want to equip the children to study up to graduation and above.  We want to trainee them as good leaders, with better punctuality, spirituality and service motto.  How to serve better to the Society with service motto in their respective responsibilities in the future.  We take the children to villages during holidays for village experience after the age of 12 years, before that we take them to educational excursions, subject wise and Games competitions with other school children to get good confidence among them. • With dedicated volunteers and staff with our whole network and diversity in our activities we are confident that we can accomplish our desires objectives.


Initially we are targeting all the mandals Nalgonda, Mahaboobnagar Districts of Telangana State which are drought prone areas. During our survey we came to know that there are many former families committed suicide because of heavy lose of Agriculture profits. We identified the orphan children girls and boys together. Who are not having even guardians to look after them and working as child labors.


We are adopting the children legally from the relatives, village elders and Mandal level Government officials. We are providing them all the facilities according to our objectives till their life settlement qualitatively with our supervision and guidance.


This programme is clearly oriented to save the lives of orphan children in the villages so that they can lead a good life in the future. We plan to make them good leaders to society. Even though there is government schemes to ameliorate the lives of those children due to excessive bureaucracy and redtapism these schemes are not flourishing. So in this regard NGO’s has to play a bigger role to adopt the orphan children from the villages. As an NGO we can use per the resources of government in a more productive manner. Its objectives with all these advantage and with a good motive we are confident that this programme is needed to improve the lives of these orphan children increasing the confidence level in them.


For the above situation, as per the request of formers and other orphan children guardians and village elders, we are adapting these children legally by local bodies from villages. Our aim is to give support for these children is how much they can study to reach their goals for their bright future and to serve better to the society. In this regards we started “Educational support programme “on 20th February,2009. In Konda Mallepally village and mandal for Nalgonda and Mahaboobnagar Districts children of Telangana State in south India. We are helping them for education in day scalars or residential schools as per their convenient they can choose nearest school and colleges. We provide Uniform, School & hostel fee bus fares , stationary, Exam fee etc; after one year by the favorable regales and people request, we are slowly increasing children strength. At present 656 children are studying in residential and non- Residential schools and colleges level. These children never may not feel that we are Orphans that is our motto. We will be with them as parents.

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